Database Setup

Click on the 'Create / Reset Database' button below to create or reset your database.
If you get an error make sure you have the correct user credentials in: /var/www/html/main/dvwa/DVWA-master/config/

If the database already exists, it will be cleared and the data will be reset.
You can also use this to reset the administrator credentials ("admin // password") at any stage.

Setup Check

Operating system: *nix
Backend database: MySQL
PHP version: 7.0.18-0ubuntu0.16.04.1


PHP function display_errors: Disabled
PHP function safe_mode: Disabled
PHP function allow_url_include: Disabled
PHP function allow_url_fopen: Enabled
PHP function magic_quotes_gpc: Disabled
PHP module gd: Installed
PHP module mysql: Installed
PHP module pdo_mysql: Installed

MySQL username: root
MySQL password: ******
MySQL database: dvwa
MySQL host:

reCAPTCHA key: Missing

[User: root] Writable folder /var/www/html/main/dvwa/DVWA-master/hackable/uploads/: No
[User: root] Writable file /var/www/html/main/dvwa/DVWA-master/external/phpids/0.6/lib/IDS/tmp/phpids_log.txt: No

Status in red, indicate there will be an issue when trying to complete some modules.